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I love Crossfit Bishop. I am the kind of girl that isn't content with 30 minutes of "cardio" on a bike, or a step aerobics class. I like the full body burn, the opportunity to compete, and most of all the surprise that comes with doing something you didn't think you could do. Crossfit is the master at all of this. Crossfit breaks your body down so it can build back up into a better stronger one. It challenges your mind when you do three more reps than you thought possible. And it teaches your heart all you are capable of. Colin is a great instructor. I’ve never had a personal trainer but it is awesome having someone watching your form so closely, it makes you feel safe knowing that someone is looking out for you during challenging exercises so that you can push yourself a little further. Crossfit Bishop has got Colins intensity and attention to detail, Mollys inspiring fitness and kind spirit, a group of incredibly fun and fit people who are as psyched as you and an adorable baby too. Its certainly one of my favorite places to be in Bishop!! 

Annie Trujillo

Crossfit Works!  As a young buck, flush with time to get out in the mountains, I felt strongly that the best training for climbing and backcountry skiing was... climbing and backcountry skiing.  Now I'm by no means the busiest guy, nor do I have the most sedentary job, but I've felt the pinch of time in recent months.  I've spent many days over these busy months with Colin at Crossfit Bishop.   Colin energizes the classes, exudes knowledge and confidence, and successfully walks the fine line between motivation and all out pushing.  I just had my first opportunity in months to test my new Crossfitted bod'.  I can say that the total body training and the fresh, varied workouts make a huge difference!  The strength and endurance gains from Crossfit really shined on a recent one-day, monstrous exploratory ski tour in the High Sierra. I look forward to continuing to train and continuing to express strength gains.

- Jediah Porter

I really appreciate all the dedication, knowledge, and energy you and Molly are so generous in giving. Your trained, focused attention and interest in supporting not only my fitness goals, but maximizing the quality of my performance, keeps me engaged and committed. It is inspiring to be around and has been a great catalyst fueling a new level in my health and fitness. It has always been a priority for me, but sometimes the conditions just have to be right to step up the quality and intensity. I suppose much like a CF workout...So, really, thanks. You guys are providing something very worthy to the Bishop community.

- Paul Elia

CrossFit is a different kind of fitness program that requires much more than gripping a bar and hammering out concentration curls. The complexity and variety of the movements, coupled with the intensity makes for a compelling system of improving one's physical and mental fitness. This is not accomplished without expert, careful, selfless coaching which Colin Broadwater provides.

- Nils Davis


Saturday 8:00 am class will focus primarily on muscle-up practice and progressions. 

And here comes another challenge!!!

Pablo and I have been working on how to offer the best nutrtitional challenge/program for a few years now.  We've gotten some very good results in the past, but somehow have always felt just a little bit of a let down once a challenge ends.  Seems like as the weeks and months pass by, we all start to struggle and to various degress, slip back into old patterns.  A six or twleve week program just seems to be such an intense and short term endeavor that often doesn't quite lead to the healthy, sustainable habits that we are trying to help folks build.  So...  We started talking about putting together a longer program.  Our idea was to create a year long program, so folks could progress through various stages of nutritional habit building, making small changes slowly that would hopefully end up sticking for the long term.  

Two days after we agreed on the basic outline of a program, one of the members of our Madlab Business Group, Andy Petranek, posted on our Facebook forum about a nutritional challenge that he was going to start on almost the exact date that Paul and I had decided to start ours on.  This particular member of the group opened one of the first 10 CrossFit affiliates in the world and has been in the fitness profession for all of his adult life.  I had actually seen his challenge before, as it has come to be fairly well known as a successful way to run one of these things on-line.  I originally dismissed it as something that I wasn't interested in since it only lasts eight weeks.  However...  Andy has gone through the same exact scenarios that we at CFB have been going through over the years.  Seeing folks really commit to a challenge, but then having trouble making the positive changes really stick over the long term.  

I went back and looked a little more closely at how his challenge works and it turns out, that it is meant to be used almost exactly in the same way as Paul and I envisioned ours working.  It is set up so that you do an eight week challenge at a level that is appropriate for you, and then take a 10-12 week break before starting up again, at either a higher level, or repeat the same level and try to improve upon your previous performance at that level. Then repeat this process one more time and a whole year is complete.  BAM!!!  The levels only deal with the nutrtitional component of the program.  Lifestyle and exercise components will be explained further soon.  There are three levels to choose from: 1, 2, and Rx.  Cost is less than $40/challenge if you sign up in advance.  Everything is tracked on-line and is team based, or you can take it on as an individual as part of our larger CFB group.  Paul, Shanna, and I will be helping to facilitate the program and we will discuss the rest of the structure in more depth next week.

This will be appropriate for everyone, no matter what the current state of your nutrtition is.  The start date is May 3, but we will need to have everyone signed up by Friday 11th to qualify for the lower pricing.  The finish date will coincide almost exactly with the final date of our pull-up and muscle-up challenges!!!  We will have a meeting Thursday 10th at 6:30 pm to go over all the details in person. 


Friday should be fun...

We will go through rounds of:
Strict knees to elbow practice - Scale up and down as needed.  Ideas for scaling down are hanging knee raises and L-sit knee raises.  Scale up to hanging straight leg raises, windshield wipers, etc...

Pistol practice - Rocking pistols, band assistance, box squats for scaling down.  Weighted and overhead squat pistols for scaling up.

Handstand walking - Bear crawls, wheelbarrow walks, planks, wall walks are all good options.  

Cycle through each of these until exhaustion sets in.  Then squeeze some of that old juice out with some foam rolling and stretching time... 


Muscle-up Training
100 pull ups anyhow


Big congratulations to Arnie Kiddoo for officially being invited to compete in the CrossFit Regionals!!!  What an amazing effort Arnie gave in each of the five workouts...

3 sets of:
4-6 Front squats
Rest 2 minutes
Keep weight constant for each set. 


3 rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
Rest 2 minutes
Record your best effort in Pocket Coach 



Challenge Details

I need to know who is in for the various challenges.  Please write your name up on one of the two boards in the gym.  

We are offering at least $900 in prizes for this challenge!  Get your piece!!!

Pull-up challenge - To be eligible for prizes, you need to not be able to perform a chin-up.  Then finish the challenge being able to perform three in one hour.

Muscle-up challenge - To be eligible for prizes, you need to have never done a ring muscle-up before.  Then finish the challenge being able to perform five in one hour.  See a coach for movement standards.

Strict muscle-up challenge - To be eligible for prizes, you need to have never done a strict muscle-up before.  Then finish the challenge being able to perfom five in one hour.  See Colin for programming instruction.

Prizes for each of the above challenges:
First to completion - $100, a CFB T-shirt, and a sticker
Second to completion - $75, a CFB T-shirt, and a sticker
Third to completion - $50, a CFB T-shirt, and a sticker 
Prize money is to be used toward purchasing yourself a new piece of fitness gear. 
4th, 5th, 6th, etc. will receive a t-shirt and a sticker. 

Front uprise challenge - If you have already done all of these things.  Great job!!!  Learn an uprise and then teach me!!!  The Front Uprise with David Durante - video [ipod] [mov] [HD mov]
The prize for this challenge is bragging rights to being the strongest gymnast at CFB... 

Muscle-up Training
3 Rounds of:
3 Wall Walks
5 Kipping swings on the rings - Go Big!!!  Stay controlled...

20 Chin Up Negatives - Jump up and hold your chest against the bar before lowering to a 4-5 count.  Break them up to keep the quality of movement high.

21-15-9 of:
Box jumps & pull-ups - Chest to bar if possible
5 Rounds of:
6 Dips
12 Knees to chest 

Pull-up training
5 sets of:
3-5 scap pull-ups - 3223 
Rest 60 seconds
12-15 ring rows - 4010 

Rest 60 seconds
3 sets of:
12-15 semi-stiff arm banded pull downs - 4020 

The pull-up work above is to be completed three times this week in addition to your normal workout schedule.  See Colin with questions.

The business for Wednesday is as follows...
Work up to a heavy single Turkish get-up
Three rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
21 Kettlebell swings
12 Pull-ups

Steady state work for 20 minutes.  Work up a sweat and elevate your heart rate, but maintain a pace that never slows or speeds up...

Row 250 meters
18 Kettlebell swings
15 Step-ups
12 Sit-ups
9   Kipping or jumping pull-ups
6   Air squats
3   Push-ups 

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